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TRI – STATE : Tamilnadu to Karanataka to Kerala

TRI – STATE : Tamilnadu to Karanataka to Kerala

Date: 29 Mar – 01 April


CBE – OOTY – MUDHUMALAI – KODAGU( Gonikoppal & Madikkeri ) – Muzhapilangad

Riders: Aanand, Anirudh, Rishwanth, Navin Balaji, Kavin, Sabaresh (Myself).



Day 1: CBE – MUDHUMALAI via Ooty.

It was 5 in the morning, We 3(NB, Rish n me) got ready and was waiting for others to come. By 5:30 we started our bikes and went to the fuel station for the fillings and we had our refreshments. And then we set our route to OOTY. We reached ooty and had our breakfast there and then we went to Pykara Lake. There was a half broken tree and its branch was in ground, we all sat on it and was bouncing on that branch of tree. We took some photos and then we sat by the lake and were just taking some photos. After a while, we started our trip to Mudhumalai via Masinagudi. The curves were awesome to drive on and we reached Mudhumalai. Went to a dam in Mudhumalai the dam was scenic, but wasn’t allowed to near. We just took some photos and took some rest. The route to the dam was pretty great and also saw some deer on the route. Then we just returned to the Mudhumalai town and had our lunch in a small shop. We enquired about the lodging facilities in the shop where we ate. They said that there are no lodgings; have to stay in the nearby town only. But for the food, we have to come to the town for food. Then we decided to drive to kodagu, since there are no that much places to visit in Mudhumalai.


While we entered Karnataka.

We drove towards a reserved forest of Karnataka and were on the Mysore highway road. We had tender coconut in the highway and started to drive again. I was navigating. Then we reached Mysore and were on the route of Kodagu. Then we stopped for evening snacks. Had tea in a North Indian tea stall and fuelled the bikes in the opposite petrol bunk. We were noticing the fuel mileage of the bikes, duke, and NS gave an average mileage of 39 where bullet350 gave 30.

The mileage and the performance of the newly manufactured ‘Royal Enfield’ are poor when compared to the old bikes. Then we started to go towards Kodagu via Mysore outer road. We had so much fun on the way. It was starting to get dark. The road towards Kodagu was so dark and traffic was devastating. The road got narrow and darker. Even then we were driving. After knowing that we reached kodagu, we stopped at a small shop nearby and had refreshments. Then we enquired about lodging in that shop. They said “the lodgings are fair priced only but, negotiate and decide where to stay”. We decided to stay two days in kodagu. The first day, we stayed at a town called ‘Gonikopal’. We stayed in a small lodge maintained by a Kerala man. The rooms were good. We spent the night and planned about the places to visit in the morning.

Day 2: Gonikopal – Madikeri

We were on our route to a falls named ‘Irupu falls’. While we were on the way we looked for a place to have breakfast. We found a small hotel and went in. We thought to have the famous cuisine of the hotel. And so, the dish the restaurant people suggested was ‘pathal’. It was kind of a ‘puri’ but made from rice flour. It was good when having it with the gravy he gave.

This is Pathal.

The place was so great and the road to the falls was a delight to riders.  Vehicles were stopped in the parking and we had to walk into a forest to reach the falls, not so dense but slightly into the forest. Then we spent lot of time in the falls. The view was great. People were enjoying the falls. And there is a small way to go up to the falls, but it is restricted to the visitors. In spite of that, my friends climbed up while I and my other friend waited for them to come down. They said the place was so beautiful and there was a small pond too. Then after a while we all came back to our room and checked-out and was on the way to the next town. The next town is ‘Madikeri’. We decided to go to River rafting and a monastery on the way. But we couldn’t go rafting since government stopped it due to lack of water. And so we were on the way to the monastery. On the way, we spotted a opening to the kaveri river. So we thought to stop by for refreshments. I was having tea in the opposite hotel while the boys were near the river. I had the tea and went to river. We decided to take a dip since we didn’t even go rafting which is famous and must try sport in kodagu. We were in the river. We had a surprise given by weather. There was a drastic change. We spotted black clouds moving towards our side.

When we took bath in the river.

While we were bathing, it started to rain. Then we just came out and took our bags, ran to bikes, and stopped in a parking lot. The rain didn’t seem like stopping. But, we decided to have fun.  We just put on the jacket, helmet, and decided to make a dance video in the rain. We danced and there were little kids in the car parked near. They just watched us behaving crazy and had their fun. Since the rain didn’t seem like stopping we decided to drive in the rain. The rain was medium level so, we managed to drive. We had to skip the monastery due to rain. Then we were on the way to Madikeri. After some hours the rain stopped and we stopped for refreshments too. The view was breathtaking. We enjoyed the beautiful sunset and started to drive again. We reached Madikeri and then we were on the town. Many people approached us for lodgings. ‘Lodging was not hard in Madikeri’. We can just stand and our posture will attract the brokers. Many people arrived and asked us. We stood and asked all their offers. Then we decided which was best. We decided to take a home stay. The price was really fair and the house was good too. Then we checked in for the night at shiva sakthi homestay and then came back to have dinner. We had dinner at a hotel and then we just drove around the city, and then returned to house.

Photo taken when we stopped b/w GONIKOAPL – MADIKERI


Day 3: Madikeri – Muzhapilangad

Woke up in the morning and our clothes were still wet. We headed out to have breakfast and refreshments. The town was so great. I loved the place. We just saw some attraction places in madikeri and then we were on our way to our last destination. Our last destination is Muzhapilangad drive in beach, Kerala. We wanted to be there before sunset and so did we. We were on our way to Kerala. The route was literally a way to heaven. We drove by the reserved forest which was so awesome and those curves were exciting. I felt the change of Karnataka and Kerala just when I crossed the border. Then we reached Kerala by afternoon and stopped at a hotel for lunch. The Kerala cuisine was great. I tried the Kerala rice which would be completely different from Tamil Nadu. The millets were so big and were a bit hard to eat. The roads were under construction which was a bit hard for us to ride fast. Even then we managed to drive in average speed. We stopped in a small town for refreshments and we were halfway. We reached the beach by the time of sunset and my photographer friend was taking a time-lapse and some pictures. We spent a lot of time there. The beach is a drive-in beach which means we can drive in the beach. The shore goes a long way. It is a nice place to drive along the sea. Then we decided to drive the bikes in the water. We went for a ride in water, it was so awesome. It was like being inside some water-land. The water went in like a shield around us. That was an awesome and a memorable experience. Like saying ‘Pay for what you enjoy ’. We paid too, but our payment was a bit different. Our duke faced some malfunctions and it didn’t start. Due to trying to start for a while, the battery got dried. So, we didn’t try to start the bike again. Some people approached to help and they really did. But, nothing worked and we were stuck. It was around 9Pm. We decided to go to the main road and find some help. We towed the bike to the main road. We were making calls to people who have knowledge about the bikes and everyone said some ways like ‘Hold the bike in vertical position to take out the water and to jumpstart the vehicle’. But, nothing helped. We were helpless and it was past 10. We were thinking about staying, but there were certain problems. The next day was Sunday and the next day Monday it is harthal(Protest) in Kerala. So, if we decide to stay we would’ve to be there for 2 days. We had to be in Coimbatore again by Monday. So, we were thinking about towing the bike all the way to Coimbatore. We also asked for a 4-Wheeler vehicle to carry the bike to CBE, but he took advantage of our situation and asked huge money. We didn’t have the money and we were not that much interested in it. We towed the bike to the nearby town. But, we couldn’t due to the darkness and heavy vehicle traffic. So, we just stopped in an abandoned bus stop and were planning. We finally decided to tow like said before and two of us went to the nearby town to look for some strong cable to tie the bike to another. I and Anirudh went to a nearby town called Kannur. There was a motors trading shop. We bought a long rope and came back to the bus stop where we were stood. We were figuring the ways to tie the rope in the bikes. Aanand brother was in NCC, so he knew some different ways to tie the rope. It was nearly 00:00. We were starving, so I and anirudh brother went in the road to Kannur town and had dinner in a dhaba and brought some for the rest of us. They had dinner and we decided to test drive. There were some mistakes and we couldn’t tow the bike easily. We were so tired and it was nearly 1. So, we decided to stay the night in the gas agency in the opposite of the bus stop. It was bit off the road and was a bit safe for us to rest. So we took the bikes and we settled on the floor of the shop. We all slept in that shop’s floor. I thought to stay awake but, I couldn’t too.



Day 4: Muzhapilangad – Coimbatore

Woke up early in the morning and we were taking a look at the small mistakes in towing the bike. After resolving those, we started from there and stopped at a gas station on the route. The people were staring at us and our bikes since it was all rigged to tow. The gas station owner came to help us and he contacted certain peoples to help us get the bike read or at least to transport but, he couldn’t find any help since it was Sunday. We used the facilities in the gas station and fuelled the RE since it’s going to tow the Duke. We all had enough fuel to return to Coimbatore. Since, RE is going to pull with extra weight behind we filled up some extra petrol. We started from the gas station at 7:30Am. Our route was via Thalassery, Mahe, Vadakara, Koyilandy, Kozhikode, Malapuram, Perintalamanna, and Palakkad. We stopped in a hotel on the route for breakfast. The hotel people helped us too. They tried calling some mechanics too but, none of them replied since it was Sunday. We had breakfast and started again. It was very difficult to tow. It was not even a highway. The whole route was just some main road; there were no highways till Palakkad. We managed the tough roads and steeps. Both I and Anirudh took turns to ride RE. We reached Palakkad by evening. It started to rain in Palakkad. It rained so hard. We were in a bakery having refreshments. Even the barricades fell because of the wind and rain. We waited for a while; then we decided to leave since it was getting dark. We started again. The only good thing is there is highway from Palakkad – Coimbatore. We went in an average speed. The road was slightly visible. We managed to reach Coimbatore by 8:30Pm.

This is how we towed the vehicle.


P.S. The whole trip was awesome and we faced our own patience and bravery. Towing the bike from Palakkad – Coimbatore was an awesome experience that I’ll remember forever. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH CONFIDENCE AND BRAVE PEOPLE.