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My friends say me a freak and all know is that am a wander lust and here is one of my sweetest travelogue which is so close to my heart ,taking a break from the society and packing is basically a travel. So talking about traveling ,traveling is in all the point is we don’t explore the level which we are capable of doing so. We do like a place but its a kind off different feel to make a strike on your calendar on a particular day and moving to that particular place which we love to explore. As such fulfilling all my duties and scheduling all my plans i decided to back pack a trip to “Kolkata” also referred as the land of love  where we get to know about a lazy and brisk part of one particular city that’s the extreme core of the poles. I started with my family carrying all my light weighted stroll y with a dark colored shades on my eyes indicating that “Yes am on a trip ”. Having all the requirements i started to Kolkata with teeth less uncles and over wheedled aunties who were more or less equal to the mega serial artists in the famous “Coromondol Express”.

 As the train huffed and puffed from Chennai Central, I was unable to make my journey easy because the people in the train named me as “Madrasi” and I was literally tired explaining them that am not a Madrasi and madras has changed to Chennai since long back. Their placed the way to make a move in the compartment the aroma of mustard oil fried fishes and some natural Bengali dishes which was too hard to pronounce, which ruled the compartment. “Macchi kabo che” an uncle with muti colored rings in all his 5 fingers, opposite to me asked, who had a packed stuff’s of fishes and some unnamed Bengali dish. As i was eagerly waiting for him to ask me I was not in a state to refuse that Bengali Macchi. So remembering and discussing all those memories between the two major states the train reached Bhubaneshwar were it was a quite pleasant morning were i was able to see everything dramatically. The people were working with a smile and sounds of birds chirping and the orange ball structure of the sun coming out of the mountains were some clippings which i saw out of the three tier AC window. 

I woke up with a beautiful smell of the bread Omlete with a bass full and cracking voice saying “Nashtha kao ji nashtha” as the train moved little slower i could be able to capture the cults and ideas of the particular state. Here after Oddisha the borders were dry enough to say or describe as a visual. By 1pm in the mid day of a summer, the train reached the Howrah junction. While boarding out of the train the old uncle who was sitting besides me said  “Beta ye lo” he gave a me a small cover of unnamed Bengali namkeen saying “Jaate vakth kha lena” with a small chuckle in his face. Means eat it while you go. Actually i liked that food which he had served me while traveling. So he gave me the whole cover As entitling the statement of love. With this refreshing thoughts and words we entered Kolkata. The land of infinity care and an encroach of boundless love.