Life turns upside down when you come to know that you are traveling, that too when you are likely to travel with your eight year old elder brother that must be something which we were been fantasizing since days together. so hi readers its me navneeth with an exciting story to tell about my first adventurous sorry atrocious trip to Hampi Karnataka India. Planning is the most important aspect for a trip as I could say that we planned well in advance for each and every aspect where we thought that we could face problems. Every thing was set and including the shades on my eyes and yeah mentioning about my co passenger Mr. Brother who is elder than me, Wiser than me in everything (specially in traveling) His character is he never tends act as if he is wrong but even though he is wrong he tends to make it up as if we are wrong. Basically he is the person whom I came across to say that he knows anything and everything.” starting the journey on one Sunday morning, we reached Chennai central. Seeing those colorful double Decker Chennai – Bangalore train I flew out in my imagination, I was so desperate that I walked towards the double Decker train and I was just about to step into the compartment and my brother  was like “ its an adventurous trip” having a small giggle on his face he pointed his pointer finger towards the old designed &paint eroded the very famous lal baugh express having no way other than traveling in a chair car for 8 hours was my decided fate.

 The train was really clean it was the best train that I have ever traveled in my life no worries am being sarcastic, how could one imagine of a train which is running for decades to be clean, but yes I loved the journey part. It was merely an easy go when you keep chattering something or the other with your co passengers . So the train reached aambur from when I just woke out of my comfort state, people boarding in reserved compartments and saying some random shit in kannada which was something equal to gibberish for me.

 After a tiring journey of 7 – 8 hours we landed in “nam ooru bangaloru” from Bangalore the next day morning we reached hampi. Hampi a small town with cherished people and cheering old monuments its known for its enriched culture. Oh !! how did I forget about the sambar which looked like rasam and tasted like panagam and that moment I felt the madurai munniyandi vilas is way better than this panagam. So the journey continued from hospet junction to Gadag where was the way to reach Badami caves. I had very big hopes on my elderly soul that he would not make me travel in an unreserved compartment to make that particular trip more adventurous but luckily yes !!he did that and he was the one to rush me into the compartment for reserving the seats.

 The irony was he went inside an unreserved compartment beholds an upper steel birth and began to sleep, I was in a nightmare whether to scold him or to make a quirk at those people who were accompanying with me. With quaky – wacky journey we got down at Gadag an interior part of Karnataka India. From where we took a bus and traveled to Badami caves, which was amazing indeed. In fact that place marked the end of our journey from we were about to come back to Chennai. At the end of the trip I was like surrendered myself to my mothers elder son saying “ Dude is your adventure trip done?? anymore adventure in life” he explains me with a sarcastic chuckle “ you know what?? you should learn to survive at the fittest” I went really stinking my face and said “ At least get me food!!” so that point where we both realized ourselves that we were starving like hell. An aroma of amma’s home made idllies made our day with which thinking, we ate those priceless dosas in a particular station. we reached Chennai in the next day eve with a lot of price less memories.
But one thing, Day one we were the kings and Day 4 we were brought to the situations of fantasizing our moms idlies. So what ever life gives you accept it with a smile and I think going on a adventure trip helps you to accept things which happens unexpectedly. A planned trip gives you happiness but an unplanned trips makes you to learn the happiness. Catch you people again with an exciting story until then have a lovable lust about wandering..
SHORT NOTE : Hats off to my elderly soul who is a timely king and an aware knight..